Important Information For Collabria Credit Card Holders – Potential Canada Post Strike

As you may already be aware there is the potential for a Canada Post Strike in the near future. If this occurs, you may experience some disruption in your mailed billing statements. It is important that you are prepared with the proper information during this period so that you do not experience issues with your account, and to help we have prepared a small list to help you with alternative service options.  Please see below:

Important Information for our members to know should the Potential Canada Post Strike happen:

  • Credit Card holders are expected to continue to make payments by the due date during any postal disruption
  • Cardholders can continue to make payments through online banking via or in person at any of our 6 branches
  • Your current account balances, payment amounts/minimum payments and due dates are available through:
    MyCardInfo & Card Services at 1-855-341-4643
  • Please also note that new cards, replacement cards, statements and letters sent by mail may experience delays
  • Card Services (Member Contact Center) will be ready to respond to member inquiries regarding the strike.