International Funds Transfer for Business Accounts

VantageOne Credit Union has partnered with Payline to offer our business members a secure, reliable and convenient way to send and receive international funds. Payline offers service in all major currencies while ensuring simple, efficient and cost-effective transactions conducted through their secure online platform

Whether you need to settle an invoice in USD funds, pay a vendor in Euros, or receive British Pounds from a customer, Payline will help you process these foreign transactions without having to leave your office!

Benefits to your business:

Convenient – With access to booking conversions and payments online, you’ll have access whenever and wherever you are, and transactions take only moments from login to logoff.

Easy to Use – Once your account is set up, there is no need for you to leave your office to complete these transitions. Simply log into Payline’s platform, select your currency and amount, then add the recipient(s) of the payment and send!

Live Rates – No need to contact a trader for the current rate, you can check these rates yourself!

It’s Cost-Effective – No registration or monthly fee. Payline has very competitive exchange rates designed to save you money and applies a flat-rate charge of $20 per transfer. The funds come directly out of your VantageOne account, which means you avoid additional fees and settlement steps

It’s safe – Payline, as a BC-based company, brings over a decade of funds-transfer experience to your transaction. Payments are sent securely and efficiently through an online platform.  Full audit trail of transactions are logged and set up for multiple users from the same company.

Additional Benefits Include – Foreign currency accounts, saved beneficiaries, email notifications and dual signature capabilities.

Manage your foreign exchange risk exposure:
Payline also consults to develop your company’s unique strategy to mitigate foreign exchange risks through a combination of knowledge, products and services. 

Payline is backed by – International Currency Exchange.  With over 40 years experience and 400 branches around the world.


Contact your VantageOne Business Advisor or Member Contact Centre for more information and to sign up