Mobile Alerts

Stay informed – Get Alerts!
Further enhance the security of your account with VantageOne Mobile Alerts! Alerts are an easy way to keep track of your money and protect your accounts. Use them to receive automatic notifications by text or email when certain events happen or when changes are made to your online banking account.

It’s Free!
We do not charge you for this service but please check with your cellphone provider if you are not sure if text messages are included with your plan.

***If you get an alert for something that you were not expecting, a bill payee added, a login to your account…etc. Please contact us immediately!

How do I set it up? It’s easy! Follow the instructions below or watch this video.

Online Banking Instructions

1. Log in to online banking
2. Go to Messages and Alerts
3. Select Manage Alerts
4. Select Manage Alerts Contacts and Mobile Nicknames
5. Select Add Email and/or Add Mobile Phone
6. Review and Accept the Alerts Agreement
7. Enter your mobile phone number and cellphone provider and/or email address
8. Choose from some, one, none or all 11 different Mobile Alerts!

Mobile App Instructions
  1. Log in to the VantageOne Mobile App
  2. Select the Alerts icon found on the second page of the home screen
  3. Select Manage from the top menu
  4. Select from 9 Alerts you would like to set up

Select from these Alerts:

Online login – Get a Mobile Alert anytime you, or someone, logs into your account online.

New payee added –
Get a Mobile Alert whenever a bill payee is added to your account. A common type of fraud is that, once access is made to an account thieves will pay large sums to stolen Credit Cards.

Account locked due to incorrect Security Question after three attempts – Get a Mobile Alert if your account becomes locked from someone trying to guess, or force, their way into your account.

Personal Access Code Changed (PAC) Changed – Get a Mobile Alert when your PAC has been changed.

Interac e-Transfer® recipient added – Get a Mobile Alert when an e-Transfer recipient is added. Another popular type of fraud, thieves will gain access to accounts and e-Transfer themselves funds.

Low Balance – Get a Mobile Alert when your balance falls below a certain amount that you choose.

Deposit – Get a Mobile Alert when a deposit is made to your account. You can also set a dollar amount that so that deposits under a certain amount will not trigger an alert.

Withdrawal – Get a Mobile Alert when a withdrawal is made from your account. You can also set a dollar amount so that withdrawals under a certain amount will not trigger an alert.

Scheduled Payment – Get a Mobile Alert when a scheduled or recurring payment has failed.

Loan or Mortgage payment – Get a Mobile Alert reminding you that your loan or mortgage payment is due.

MDSB – Transaction Pending approval – Member Direct Small Business Banking users can get a Mobile Alert when a transaction has been set up that is pending approval.

Have questions or need more information? Chat with use-mail us or give us a call.