The Competition Bureau of Canada has created some great information pieces on fraud and what you can do to protect yourself!

The national list of Top 10 Scams was unveiled at news conferences in Vancouver and Montreal. It was compiled by Better Business Bureaus in nine provinces with input from the Quebec-based Option Consommateurs as well as the Competition Bureau.

Learn about some of the most common types of scams in The Little Black Book of Scams or check out the short informative YouTube videos below because the more you know about scams, the better you can protect yourself from them!

Internet Scams

Money Transfer Request Scams

Small Business Scams

Mobile Phone Scams

Charity Scams

Emergency Scams

Service Scams

Dating and Romance Scams

Health and Medical Scams

Pyramid Schemes

Lottery, Sweepstakes and Contest Scams

Job and Employment Scams

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