Financial Ability

At VantageOne, we recognize the importance of Financial Literacy so much so that we actually have a special role dedicated to working with the schools and community groups in our region to improve their financial ability. Meet Kristine Lidstone, Financial Ability Liaison at VantageOne Credit Union.

Start Conversations About Money Early

Teac­­­hing children how to manage money will help them throughout their lives. Start teaching children about money when they’re young. If you start early, you can build on their knowledge as they grow.

This way, children will learn how to:

  • make goo­­­d decisions about spending ­­­
  • save for the future
  • practice good financial habits
  • use credit responsibly
  • understand the difference between needs and wants

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Learn more about talking about money with your children so that they become familiar with financial words, concepts, management, and ideas from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada here.

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