6 Ways to Save Money This Summer

Summer doesn’t have to empty out your wallet. When you plan ahead, you can also save and even earn extra cash!

  1. Head to Your Local Library

Did you know? Our local libraries offer so much more than only books to check out. Our libraries are also filled with summer reading programs, DVD rentals, apps, audiobooks, online movies craft and art programs and so much more! “Check-out” one of the local libraries closest to you to see what they are offering this summer. Learn something new or keep your kids busy over the summer, either way, your local library has something to offer for all ages! Learn more here.


  1. Stay Close To Home with a Staycation

It’s vacation season but traveling a lot during the summer can really increase your expenses. Instead, choose to stay closer to home with a Staycation!

There are lots of things you can do locally that are free or low-cost…. maybe even things that you’ve never done before! You’ll have fun AND save money all while getting to sleep in your own bed! Find Staycation ideas, planning, and budget tips in our Staycation guide here.


  1. Bring Your Own Snacks

Whether you’re home with the kids for the summer or taking a road trip, one thing is for sure…… you’re going to need snacks! But those quick-stop, gas station/convenience store snacks run up a bill much higher than their value.

Before you head out, take the time to purchase plenty of healthier snacks from your local grocery store. Tip: Purchase in bulk and divide up the snacks into re-usable containers or bags to create individual snack portions for everyone in the family.


  1. Earn Money By Selling Items You No Longer Need

Not only can you save money during the summer months, but you can also make money too! Make good use of the warmer temperatures and sunlight by planning a garage sale or clean out your closet and post items online for sale on Facebook, Instagram or in a local online marketplace group.


  1. Ease Up on Your Air Conditioner

When the temperature rises outside, you’re going to want a cool, comfortable house to come home to…but excessively cooling off your home also leads to a larger energy bill! Try these tips to help keep your home comfortable and your bill low:

Grill outside – When you use your stove or oven to cook, you are heating up your home. Therefore, as you cook, your air conditioner is working harder which raises your energy bill. Besides…who doesn’t love a picnic or barbeque in the summer? Eating outside also means less mess, so it makes mealtimes easy!

Turn down the AC –Along with grilling outside, you can save money on your utility bill by using your air conditioner less. Keep things a little warmer inside to save a little dough. You could also consider getting a programmable thermostat that would allow you to raise the temperature during the hours you’re out of the home and drop it back down when you’re there.

Replace air filters—Before it gets too far into the summer, replace the filters on your air conditioner. It’ll help your air conditioner work more efficiently.

Shut the blindsThe more sunlight you have coming into your home, the higher your air conditioning bill will be. Close the blinds during the sunniest part of the day if you can. Even if you love the light during the day and can’t stand to close your blinds, at least shut your blinds when you leave home.


6. Let the Sun Be Your Dryer

Finally, if the sun is going to cause the temperatures to rise, you might as well use it to your advantage by allowing the sun to dry your laundry outside on a clothesline. Not only will you help save money by not using your dryer, you will also bring the fresh smell of the outdoors to your clothing and linens, too!