Extra Layer of Online Banking Security Coming Soon: reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA is coming soon to online banking and is a system designed to establish if the person trying to login to an account is a robot/computer or a human.

As the system starts out and learns patterns you may be asked to select common themes in images to login, like the screenshot below.

This verification process will appear less and less as it learns and will then only begin to show up if the system detects abnormalities, or non-human-like interactions. This extra layer of protection will help keep your account safer from computers trying to guess their way in.

Here are 5 tips to help you protect your personal information and accounts:

  1. DO NOT click on any links and reply to messages requesting personal information. NEVER enter your login information or password on a link you click from any text or email. Rather, enter it directly at the website address you are familiar with.
  2. Change your passwords and login credentials regularly. We recommend changing these account security features every three months.
  3. Create passwords and PINs that are complex. Never use easily identified passwords, such as sequential numbers (i.e 1234567, 1111111), your address, your date of birth or your phone number.
  4. Review your account activity regularly. If you see something unusual or suspicious, Contact us right away.
  5. Subscribe to VantageOne’s Mobile Banking alerts via text or email. You can choose to receive a text or email (or both) anytime your online account is accessed, your login password is changed and or there is other account activity. See the list of options and set up alerts through Online Banking – Alerts.

Example of what reCAPTHCA looks like:


Member Appreciation At Sunshine Festival

We want to say thank you.

As our way of saying thank you to you, we’re offering our members a small token to help pay for their lunch at this weekend’s Sunshine Festival.

How It Works:

The first 500 members that visit our Big Yellow VantageOne Tent in the center of the Sunshine Festival, will receive an envelope containing $5.

Members must come to the tent, and display one piece of valid Government Issued ID, and their VantageOne Member Card.

Limited to one per person, at the Sunshine Festival Only.

Not A Member?

That’s fine too, while this lunch offer is specifically for members only, come down and see us, we have an offer for you as well. The first 100 non-members will receive free member shares to join! Terms and conditions do apply.

Have your say! Why do you use your Credit Card?

While credit cards offer amazing convenience we would like to know what other reasons our members choose to pay with their credit cards vs other methods. Have your say and be entered to win a $100 Best Buy gift certificate!

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Important Note:
in order to be eligible to be entered into the contest for the $100 Best Buy gift card, you must register with Thought Exchange so that you’ve participated and we have a means of contacting you!

We value and appreciate all of our member’s feedback, and any thoughts that are provided will be kept confidential.