Planning a move?!……We’re here to help!

Whether it’s your first big investment, a family that’s expanding or downsizing, a place to spend your vacations, or the dream home you’ve always envisioned….VantageOne has a flexible mortgage option to suit your needs.

Take advantage of our limited-time mortgage offer, which aims to help relieve some of that moving stress that sits on your shoulders with:

  • – 120-day rate hold* – lock in your rate and escape the stress of unpredictable rising rates during this busy house hunting season
  • – Housewarming gift* – take your pick from our appliances in the branch or fill your fridge with a grocery gift card!
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  • – $200 New Member Welcome Bonus* – move your mortgage and your account! We make switching easy. Ask us for more details.

Top that all off with a WOW experience from our local staff. We make our decisions right here, not in a head office across the province or in another one altogether!

Ready to make the move? Contact us or get started with an online lending application here!


Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends July 15, 2022. Ask us for further details.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

All members are invited to attend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
7:30 pm
Prestige Hotel, 4411 32nd Street, Vernon
Registration begins at 6:45 pm

Note: should an in-person meeting not be allowed at this time, our AGM will be held electronically via Zoom.

Election Results

Three (3), 3-year Director Positions were up for election in 2022. We also had one (1) vacancy on our board for a 2-year term.

Four (4) written nominations were received by the January 28, 2022, deadline. The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that Michelle Sinclair, Akbal Mund and Mike Champigny have been acclaimed for 3-year terms ending 2025, and Cheryl Turcotte has been acclaimed for a 2-year term ending 2024.

Local business matters to VantageOne, and it always has. We have been committed to helping grow our members, local businesses and communities since 1944.

As part of our commitment to supporting local businesses, our commercial services team is highlighting some of our outstanding local business members. This month we are shining the spotlight on Habitat Health to share more about their business and how VantageOne Credit Union has helped them grow.

Tell us a bit about your business and history.
We took on a new business in July 2021, Habitat Health, a multi-disciplinary, active-focused health care clinic serving the North Okanagan community. This was a fast-acting transaction that required us to think and act decisively while transitioning from self-employment to business operations. Allison and Erin shared the same passion for inspiring, educating, and empowering others to live an active lifestyle while reconnecting with physical and mental well-being. We were lucky enough to find a cute piece of real estate to house our “habitat”.

What do you love most about being in Vernon?
We love the lifestyle and community at our fingertips here in the North Okanagan. We love meeting like-minded people in our community who strive for adventure, fun, and exploration of movement. We love powder days and exploring the endless trails, with healthy bodies and minds. We are motivated daily within our habitat by individuals striving to live the same explorative life, in continuous pursuit of genuine well-being. We enjoy connecting with new and old locals who share in appreciation for the North Okanagan lifestyle. Vernon is the perfect mixture of outdoors and small-town charm.

If you could give one piece of advice to new business owners or those thinking of starting a business what would it be?
Check-in with your support team and remember, you cannot do it alone. We wouldn’t have 1/10th of the success without a team of individuals and community members who believed in us and were willing to help mentor us through the process of opening a new business. Find the right people to help you with their areas of expertise, and be open to learning. Stay the course and follow your vision. Find joy in your work and be courageous enough to chase your dreams.

How has VantageOne helped you start, succeed or grow your business?
VantageOne was integral in the timely closing of our commercial real estate deal, offering us the opportunity to open the doors of Habitat Health. The team at VantageOne were committed to ensuring we checked all the boxes, and were able to assist us from our commercial purchase to our operating business accounts. The service is timely and friendly. They offered us competitive rates and educated us on steps required within our community, outside of our banking needs.

Learn more about our Commercial Services.


Stay informed – Get Alerts!
Further enhance the security of your account with VantageOne Mobile Alerts! Alerts are an easy way to keep track of your money and protect your accounts. Use them to receive automatic notifications by text or email when certain events happen or when changes are made to your online banking account.

It’s Free!
We do not charge you for this service but please check with your cellphone provider if you are not sure if text messages are included with your plan.

Learn more about the types of Alerts you can add here.


  1. Sign up for Mobile Alerts by March 31st at 5pm
  2. Already signed up? That’s great, you are automatically entered in our draw!
  3. Three random winners will be drawn for 3 x $100 gift cards to Best Buy. Winners will be notified by April 8th

Set up mobile alerts in just 3 minutes, and get notified of any changes made to your VantageOne account. It’s that easy!

You have the power to strengthen your own community.

You have the choice. You can make a difference.

When you choose VantageOne Credit Union, you have our local guarantee:

  • When things have to “go up the ladder for approval”, that means it starts and ends right here in Vernon, Armstrong, Peachland or Edgewood. Our ladder doesn’t stretch across Canada, awaiting a delayed response from someone in another time zone who has no understanding of what it’s like to live here. We decide, right here.

    When you visit us, you are dealing directly with staff who live, work and play in the local communities. When you call us, you are reaching our staff right here, not a call centre based in Ontario or another region.

    When you bank here, your funds stay here to support businesses in our area with loans, planning and advice. Check out our local business spotlights.

    Community programs are enriched through donations, volunteers, funding support and financial ability education. Your money helps make this possible!

    We offer omnichannel technology services for our members with a focus on making them accessible and easy to use. Our channels include; mobile app, online banking, Solutions Centre call centre, EasyConnect live video call and online chat & more!

By banking here, you are strengthening the very fabric of our communities that benefits you, your friends, family and neighbours by helping to build stronger, happier and healthier communities for the benefit of us all.

Banking Local, it’s the better choice. Make a difference today!

Switching is easy, here are your options:

Amy Gillies has been an employee of VantageOne Credit Union for the past 27 years. Starting as a teller she worked her way through various roles, until finding her home for the last 10 years as a Commercial Services Account Manager.

Amy is passionate about her work with local businesses, helping them with guidance, advice, financing, and anything else they may need to help their business grow and thrive. She has also been heavily involved with The Enterprize Challenge since the very beginning, mentoring on average 2 participants a year, including many first and second place winners. Amy also dedicates time to speak at Okanagan College, listening to students’ business ideas and providing advice and direction for taking the next steps in setting up their business ventures.

In her spare time, Amy loves spending time with her family, enjoys acrylic pouring and making jewelry as well as gardening her flowers.

Amy can’t wait to get started helping you with your business! Connect with Amy and our Commercial Services Team here.

Learn more about the Enterprize Challenge here


Limited time offer!

18-month non-redeemable investment:

@ 1.15%*


*Rate is subject to change at any time without notice. Limited time offer.

Minimum $500 deposit. Terms and conditions apply, please ask us for further details.
Note: Promotion is for consumer banking deposits. The rate special is not applicable for commercial account deposits.

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*Terms & conditions apply. Limited time offer, subject to change at any time.

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For Immediate Release

Donate to VantageOne’s BC Flood Appeal

November 24, 2021 – As community-based financial institutions with deep roots in the areas we serve, credit unions have a long history of coming together to support Canadian communities. Recently, a severe storm occurred, resulting in flooding, landslides, mudslides, power outages and other incidents across the South Coastal and Interior regions of British Columbia. With relief and recovery efforts now underway in the province, VantageOne Credit Union and credit unions across Canada have come together to support the Canadian Red Cross and those who were impacted by the flooding in southern BC. Credit union members are encouraged to donate today by visiting

The Canadian Red Cross is working to get help to people in and around affected areas as quickly as possible and provide humanitarian assistance for new needs as they arise. Money raised will enable the Red Cross to carry out relief, recovery, resiliency and risk reduction activities in and beyond the region at the individual and community levels.

“In times like these, we remind ourselves that we are friends, family, neighbours and community partners. Our communities are ultimately stronger when we come together to support each other. On behalf of VantageOne Credit Union we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your generous donations,” Glenn Benischek, President and Chief Executive Officer of VantageOne Credit Union.


About VantageOne Credit Union

As a community-based credit union, we are owned by our members and operated by people who live here and are deeply invested in our communities. Our history as a credit union reaches all the way back to 1944 when we opened our first branch in Vernon. Since that time, we’re proud to have become a vital part of the local economy, offering services through four branch locations including Peachland, Armstrong, Edgewood and Vernon.

To learn more about VantageOne and services offered through our business lines: Consumer & Commercial Banking Services, Wealth Management and Leasing Solutions, please visit


For all media inquiries, please contact:

Glenn Benischek, President and Chief Executive Officer


Phone: 1-250-260-4505


Black Friday is just around the corner and it’s a day of sales and shopping, that while fun and exciting, can lead to some serious debt!

Below are some tips to help you navigate Black Friday shopping this year:

1. Set a budget

If you plan on shopping this Black Friday, then you should absolutely have a budget before you hit the first store—online or in person. A budget is a plan for your money, and stepping into one of the biggest sale days of the year without a spending plan could spell disaster. Check out our VantageOne Simple Budget Plan for some assistance in planning your budget.

2. Do your research

Once you’ve set how much you’ll spend, it’s time to do some research. Thinking ahead will help you prioritize your spending. But remember, time is money, meaning the amount of time you spend researching also comes at a cost and can add up to much more than any of the deals you get. But do make sure you have a sense of where the best deals are so you can hit fewer stops, or websites—and avoid overspending. Check out flyers, websites and coupon/deal sites to see what is out there.

3. Only buy what you need

This might seem like common sense, but a lot of people get sucked in by the sales and make the common mistake of overbuying. What might seem like a good idea in December becomes an awful idea when the bills  Simply put, don’t buy stuff you have no need for and you can’t afford.

4. Shop Online

Again, your time is money! You can avoid the large crowds and long waits in line by shopping online. Plus you will save on parking, gas, and other miscellaneous expenses that may come up through a long day of shopping like eating out or buying things you didn’t plan on buying. Remember to watch for free shipping codes or online discounts before you complete your purchase.

5. Put your savings…into savings!

Saved $40 on that appliance or 50% off a big purchase? Consider putting some of the cash you saved into a savings account for next year’s Black Friday. Example – saved $100 on an electronic, put that full $100 or even $50 of the savings into an account for the future.

6. Relax

Just relax and remember…this is just stuff. Ask yourself this question: In a couple of years from now, will I even remember what I saved or what I bought, is it that important to me? Better yet, will the person you’re gifting this item, still be using it?

It’s important to keep a healthy perspective and mindset. If you don’t get that crazy deal or television or game console, it’s not the end of the world! Don’t get so caught up in shopping and finding a deal that you lose sight of WHY you’re shopping and giving in the first place!

Have fun out there and shop smart!