Simple Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Account

At VantageOne, we ar committed to keeping our members safe online by making security our top priority. We also want to encourage you to be vigilant in protecting your personal information.

Hackers and scammers steal billions of dollars every year from people who fall into their traps or don’t have proper security measures in place.

Here are some things you can do today to strengthen your cybersecurity:

Choose a strong password:
– Never use personal information such as your name, birthday, username, or email address. This type of information is often publicly available, which makes it easier for someone to guess your password.
– Use a longer password. Your password should be at least 8 characters long, although for extra security it should be even longer.
– Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts at different places including but not limited to: online banking, telecom website, utility bill login, email account login, streaming TV account etc. If someone discovers your password for one account, all your other accounts will be vulnerable.
– Try to include numbers, symbols, and both uppercase and lowercase letters.

IMPORTANT TIP – Make sure you are not saving your password in your web browser. Anyone that has access to your PC would have access to your online banking

Sign-up for Auto-Deposit for e-Transfers
– Make receiving money even simpler by registering an email address that associates with your account at VantageOne.
– When an Interac e-Transfer is sent to the email address, the funds are automatically deposited. There is no need to login to online banking and answer a security question to claim the funds!
– If you are sending money, and the recipient has signed up for Autodeposit, then their funds will be automatically deposited as well.
Learn more here 

Sign-up for Mobile Alerts to protect your account.
– Alerts are an easy way to keep track of your money and protect your accounts. Use them to receive automatic notifications by text or email when certain events happen or when changes are made to your online banking account.
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