Important Notice: Credit Card Payment Waiting Period

To better protect you from fraudulent online activity, on January 8th, we are adding a Credit Card Payment Waiting Period to newly added credit cards that you add through online banking.

What this means is, once you’ve added a credit card to your account through online banking, you will need to wait before you can make your first payment. This is only for newly added credit cards and only for the first initial bill payment towards it. This has no affect on credit cards that you already have attached to your account.

If you call our Solution Centre or come into a branch we can add the credit card to your account that you can pay right away or make that first initial bill payment if you added it online!

We also recommend setting up Mobile Alerts to notify you of various account changes when they occur.  Check them out!  You will find the link for Mobile Alerts on the left-hand side of the screen, after you log in to online banking, under ‘Messages and Alerts’.


Please contact your branch today for full details and we can assist you with all your financial needs!