Two Factor Authentication for Online Banking & Mobile App: LIVE

Two Factor Authentication for Online Banking & Mobile App: LIVE!
At VantageOne Credit Union, we’re constantly strengthening the tools we use to protect you, your account information, and your digital transactions. We are pleased to announce that Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for online banking is coming soon!

What is 2FA?
2FA is a more secure way to login to Online Banking and the mobile app, protecting your account from unauthorized access. Rather than answering security questions, you’ll be sent a single-use code by SMS text or email. There will be no need to remember any answers to security questions when logging in online!

What are the benefits of 2FA?

  • Two-Factor Authentication is an industry-wide standard that ensures safe and secure logins to Online Banking.
  • It is an extra layer of protection to ensure you’re the only person who can access your online banking or mobile app.
  • In addition, it prevents fraudsters from being able to access your account in the event of your login credentials being compromised (lost or stolen).

Is enrolment for 2FA mandatory for all members?
Yes. Everyone must enroll for 2FA to continue to use online banking, this includes the mobile app.

How long is the grace period during which customers can defer enrolment in 2FA?
You will have 30 days to decline set up of 2FA, once 30 days have passed, you must sign up for 2FA to continue to use online banking.

What is a Personal Access code (PAC)?
Your Personal Access code, or PAC for short, is your password to access online banking!