Zero Transfer Fees and 5.9% on Balance Transfers

Did you know that we never charge any transfer fees on balance transfers?

That’s right. Whenever you transfer balances from other credit cards onto your VantageOne credit card, you get to transfer them for free. No questions asked.

In fact, we want to go one step further to help you manage your balances. For a limited time only, you can take advantage of 5.9% annual interest rate on balance transfers for 6 months.* This means that your balances would be charged only 5.9% for the first six months upon transfer.

All you have to do is log on to MyCardInfo to initiate your balance transfer. The 5.9% rate will be applied automatically. There is nothing else for you to do except enjoy this great interest rate!

Got questions? Call Cardholder Services at 1.855.341.4643.

Your VantageOne Team

*Full Terms and Conditions of the offer can be found here.