Featured Business: Fieldstone Organics

Amidst the rolling landscape of rural Armstrong where you’ll find fields of ancient grains like Spelt, Emmer or Einkorn sits Fieldstone Organics, a Certified Organic grain handling facility for whole grains, legumes and seeds.

Fieldstone Organics is locally owned by two farmers who are also growers. With ongoing demand for local, Certified Organic food we are fortunate to have many other local producers who have also committed to growing these crops.

Our customers range from bakeries, flour mills, distilleries and breweries to wholesale and retail customers of our packaged products. All of our products are distributed in their whole form for optimum shelf life and nutritional benefit.

Find our packaged product in various retail locations throughout BC, come for a drive to our quaint little General Store on site or visit us online at fieldstoneorganics.ca

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