Featured Business: Kelver Coatings


Local business matters to VantageOne, and it always has. We have been committed to helping grow our members, local businesses and communities since 1944.

As part of our commitment to supporting local businesses, our commercial services team is highlighting some of our outstanding local business members. This month we are shining the spotlight on Kelver Coatings to share more about their business and how VantageOne Credit Union has helped them grow.

Tell us a bit about your business and history.

We are the Okanagan’s premier specialty coating company and we absolutely love what we do. We specialize in show-quality powder coating, performance ceramic coatings, and a few other various specialty coatings to cover all your requirements no matter the project.

Kelver Coatings opened in September of 2020 right before the pandemic and since then we have put our boots to the ground and really hit the market hard. We now coat for many well-known companies in the valley ranging from high-end exotic supercars, custom hot rods, and motorcycles to local home builders and custom architectural projects.

What do you love most about being in Vernon?
Vernon is a fantastic city and has so much to offer for everyone and all businesses. We love the fact that as a community, we all support one another and the support within the community for small business thrives.

If you could give one piece of advice to new business owners or those thinking of starting a business what would it be?
No matter when or how, there is no better time to face your fears of starting a business than right now. Nothing happens overnight, and everything takes more time than there is in a day. So stay passionate about what you are doing and know that through patience, hard work, and adaptation, you will succeed and achieve your goals!

How has VantageOne helped you start, succeed or grow your business?
We approached many banks, and VantageOne literally has been the only one that took our idea and vision seriously and supported us from the very beginning.  Even when things were getting difficult they stood behind everything, they were open and never said “No”, instead they offered sound advice and options to keep us growing and moving forward.

We stand behind saying that VantageOne Credit Union really and truly allowed us to chase our dreams and make our vision a reality.