VantageOne Spotlight: Meet Amy Gillies

Amy Gillies has been an employee of VantageOne Credit Union for the past 27 years. Starting as a teller she worked her way through various roles, until finding her home for the last 10 years as a Commercial Services Account Manager.

Amy is passionate about her work with local businesses, helping them with guidance, advice, financing, and anything else they may need to help their business grow and thrive. She has also been heavily involved with The Enterprize Challenge since the very beginning, mentoring on average 2 participants a year, including many first and second place winners. Amy also dedicates time to speak at Okanagan College, listening to students’ business ideas and providing advice and direction for taking the next steps in setting up their business ventures.

In her spare time, Amy loves spending time with her family, enjoys acrylic pouring and making jewelry as well as gardening her flowers.

Amy can’t wait to get started helping you with your business! Connect with Amy and our Commercial Services Team here.

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