Keep it Local, Where You Bank Matters!


You have the power to strengthen your own community.

You have the choice. You can make a difference.

When you choose VantageOne Credit Union, you have our local guarantee:

When things have to “go up the ladder for approval”, that means it starts and ends right here in Vernon, Armstrong, Peachland or Edgewood. Our ladder doesn’t stretch across Canada, awaiting a delayed response from someone in another time zone who has no understanding of what it’s like to live here. We decide, right here.

When you visit us, you are dealing directly with staff who live, work and play in the local communities. When you call us, you are reaching our staff right here, not a call centre based in Ontario or another region.

When you bank here, your funds stay here to support businesses in our area with loans, planning and advice. Check out our local business spotlights.

Community programs are enriched through donations, volunteers, funding support and financial ability education. Your money helps make this possible!

We offer omnichannel technology services for our members with a focus on making them accessible and easy to use. Our channels include; mobile app, online banking, Solutions Centre call centre, EasyConnect live video call and online chat & more!

By banking here, you are strengthening the very fabric of our communities that benefits you, your friends, family and neighbours by helping to build stronger, happier and healthier communities for the benefit of us all.

Banking Local, it’s the better choice. Make a difference today!

Switching is easy, here are your options: